Joy Of Pregnancy


Pregnancy is an exceptional time when women enter one of their significant life stages and need to assimilate quickly knowledge and understanding the process of pregnancy and birth.Our Joy of Pregnancy training is aimed at educating the pregnant women in order to have a healthy and joyful pregnancy. Pregnant women learn the real joy of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the time when one has to be conscious  of all the 5 senses within herself and the womb. We, at Joy of pregnancy classes, teach her how to be joyful and how to carry out the journey of pregnancy in a divine blissful way.

We conduct training classes for pregnant women would who love to have a divine and blissful journey of pregnancy. Pregnant women can be accompanied by their husbands. It will increase the bonding in much healthier way. Also if you choose to have anybody else as your support person during labor, then you are most welcome to bring that person too.

So what do you learn in joy of pregnancy?

  •   You learn to cope up with the changes happening in your body in an easy effective way
  •    What to expect during labor and how the labor support person can be of tremendous support & motivation to the mother-to be.
  •    Different kinds of positions that can be adopted during labour
  •    Breathing techniques during the pregnancy and during the labour
  •    Breastfeeding – Learning the right way to breast feed and knowing what to expect during the initial few weeks
  •     Postpartum care – Baby and mother
  •      Pranayama during pregnancy
  •      Musics
  •       Meditation

Joy Of Pregnancy

Being a parent is hard work. From lunches and homework to music lessons and sport practices, parenting provides a seemingly endless array of things to do. Yet being a parent is about so much more than raising smart, healthy, and talented kids. Raising children is a unique opportunity to contribute to the expansion and unfoldment of human awareness. By integrating yogic principles into your family life, you can take an active role in the evolution of consciousness.

Below are some easy ways to incorporate yogic principles into your child’s life and help your children build an awareness of their higher purpose. As an added bonus, they can help you stay on track, too!

To be a parent is one of the most beautiful gifts that life can offer. It brings lots of joy along with an added responsibility called Parenting! Maintaining an atmosphere of nurturing and caring is an art in itself and requires a lot of effort from both the parents. This article tries to look into some of the key issues of parenting…

Three Important questions we need to ask ourselves as parents:

    •   “Are our children staying in a house or are they staying at home?”


    •   “Do we have the confidence and conviction that our children will share and confide all that they do in their life?”


  •   “Will we be comfortable to know about what our children are doing from a third party?”


Father is the Head of This Family and Mother is the Heart:

It is rightly said: A House is made of Bricks and a Home is made of Hearts.” Home is where the Heart is. That is why a lodge can never become a home! And it only takes seconds to convert a home to a lodge….if the elements of love, faith and trust are missing

Rights lead to Fights; Duty creates Beauty

People set misplaced priorities regarding duties and rights. We tend to shirk duty and expect all our rights. We generally fight and demand for our rights. The important question to ask is, “Will we fight in the same manner to perform our duties?” Duties are investments, not costs. We invest in a relationship and honour each other through our duties. When managers perform their work sincerely, the rights of the staff are automatically fulfilled. Similarly when subordinates fulfill their commitments properly then the interests of the management are secured. Duties are a way of building goodwill and setting up an emotional bank account.

Spending quality time, a must for a happy family

We need to make a paradigm shift and spend quality time with each other in such a manner that everyone in the family is charged to recognise their challenges as opportunities to grow and excel. It is very easy to do so. One has to just think with a positive attitude and bring in innovation and creativity. Like, the dinner-time need not just be for dinner, but an assembly of the members wherein each member shares the experiences of the whole day. Each one shares his/her problems and there is a collective brain storming done to arrive at an optimum solution. After all…a family that eats together and prays together stays together

Children close their ears to advice but open their eyes to examples

The next generation is always more intelligent than the previous one. The previous generation has more experience than the next. Why interact with an attitude of experience verses intelligence? Let us work in collaboration i.e., intelligence and experience together to solve a problem! Let us be role models for them to emulate so that they have confidence and trust in our learning.

This is the joy of parenting… seeing the child grow, to have clarity of thoughts, self-confidence leading to self-efficacy to create exemplary leadership and managerial qualities. That would be the best way to give back …. A generation capable of leading the country to greater heights of glory and fame.