Jessy Naidu is passionate about supporting women throughout their pregnancies and birth experiences. She believes that every baby will choose in the womb will choose their parents before their conception. She started her yoga and meditation teaching journey in 1991, with the blessings of her Guru, Sri.Rishi Prabhakar in Banglore and travelled all over India to teach these classes. In the year 2000 she herself started experiencing the ”Joy of pregnancy” and blessed with a son, and with that experience she started her pregnancy yoga classes in that journey she started working for needy pregnant women in her community and stared foundation by name ”Jessy Naidu Foundation”, serving needy pregnant women by adopting them till their delivery. She conducted prenatal work shops nearly 600 to 1000, and supported pregnant women in their deliveries to happen naturally.

In this journey she is blessed with a beautiful girl baby, she is also working for few corporate hospital as a lactation consultant and prenatal yoga instructor.

She is also a registered prenatal yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance International.

And finally she really enjoyed attending Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga teacher training by Jennifer More and stared teaching in Hyderabad, India. she always says that meting Jennifer is a great blessing to her in her life.

The First Nine Months of Life

The First Nine Months of Life: after conception…

The first nine months of baby’s life is only based on mother’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Nature and Nurture plays a role when the baby is inside the mother’s womb.

Pregnancy is a challenging phase for every new mom, and unique in its own way. Coping up with all these and bringing a healthy emotionally intelligent baby is vital.


Statistics shows that exercising during pregnancy not only benefits the mom-to-be but also the unborn baby. Exercises will help in controlling weight gain, lessening edema, easing the strain on muscles, boost your energy, and helps to prevent constipation. By staying in good physical condition during your pregnancy, you will also likely to have a shorter, easier recovery after birth, which is a big bonus for the baby and the mother

Awareness through movement

Our body, our selves is a motto behind this. We should know our body better. Awareness through movement imposes a greater education of our body, the womb inside and the coping strategies to give a healthy baby.

To sum up, the major benefits of exercise are:

  • Improves the neuronal growth of the baby
  • Shorter pushing stage during labor
  • Emotional bonding between the baby and mom
  • Improves the sleep pattern of the baby and the mother
  • Improves body metabolism
  • Reduces the aches and pain in the body
  • Control the excess maternal and fetal weight gain
  • Copes with hormonal demands imposed on the body
  • Improves stamina of the mother during labor and thereafter
  • A good post partum recovery
  • Increases the pain threshold